Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2023: How to Apply, Benefits.

The Social Justice Department of Kerala created the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme to advance equality for everybody. Under this scheme, the Keralan government would provide financial assistance to intercaste married couples. Remember that couples who are members of a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe are not eligible for this program. The benefits are only valid with a marriage certificate, which must be presented. Read on to learn more about the Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in detail, including its highlights, objectives, features and benefits, eligibility requirements, required documentation, registration procedures, and online and offline application options.

Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2023

The Kerala government introduced the Dr. MGR Memorial Scheme, popularly known as the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme, as a progressive effort to encourage social peace and eliminate caste divisions in the state. Couples who qualify under this programme and reside in Kerala but come from different castes are entitled to apply for financial aid of up to Rs. 30,000 as well as other perks including housing and educational subsidies. The programme also offers couples counselling and coaching, as well as legal assistance if necessary. The Kerala Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme promotes intercaste weddings in order to promote inclusion, equality, and social integration, ultimately leading to a more peaceful and just society.

Need of Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

In a culture that is still battling entrenched caste-based inequality, the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme is of utmost significance. By offering financial support and incentives to couples who decide to wed outside of their caste or religion, this programme seeks to promote societal peace. This programme challenges long-held beliefs in caste hierarchies and advances the concepts of equality and inclusivity by fostering inter-caste marriages. It aids in removing obstacles that have long separated communities and promotes harmony and understanding among various castes and religions.

By providing successful examples that encourage others to imitate them, this programme also aids in eradicating prejudice and stereotypes related to inter-caste marriages. As opposed to societal prejudices, it fosters an environment where love and respect for one another serve as the basis for relationships. In general, the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme is vital to creating a society where people can freely select their life partners without worrying about prejudice or social exclusion.

Features & Benefits of Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

Some of the key features and benefits of the Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme are as follows:

  • The introduction of this programme in Kerala intends to empower the underprivileged classes by assuring that people from the backward classes who are needy and destitute won’t have to worry about finding money for their weddings.
  • The Kerala government has decided to provide financial assistance to couples from the SC caste, even in circumstances of inter-caste marriages, in order to address the financial side of marriages.
  • In Kerala, the government provides a single lump amount of Rs. 30,000 to qualifying intercaste married couples as financial assistance. Couples must sign an agreement and submit it to the Local Self Government Institution (LSGI) in order to obtain this sum.
  • The Kerala government, which handles all administrative matters and supplies the required funding for the program’s execution, entirely sponsors it.
  • NGOs and other recognized organizations will work closely with the state government to manage the planning of these marriages. The procedure will be supervised by departmental representatives.

Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

The applicants applying for Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Only legally married couples are eligible for financial help.
  • The couple’s combined annual family income should not be more than Rs. 50,000.
  • The fact that financial aid is only given once should be made clear to couples.
  • The money is meant to be used for things like starting a business, getting a piece of land, or building a house.
  • The LSGIs are in charge of making sure the money is being used for what it is intended for.
  • Couples must submit an application for financial aid within one to two years of their wedding, but no later than one year.
  • Couples who get financial aid are expected to sign a contract and turn it in to the LSGIs.
  • As to the Government’s letter No.-1151/C1/2012/SWD dated 21-06-2012, any delay in requesting financial aid beyond three years of marriage will not be taken into consideration.

Required Documents for Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 

Some of the important documents required for Kerala Inter Caste Marriage Scheme are as follows:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • ID Proof
  • Affidavit
  • Election ID Card
  • Any relevant document certifying caste
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Intercaste Marriage Certificate
  • Ration Card
  • School Certificate
  •  Income Certificate issued by the  concerned Village Officer

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