Uttarakhand Intercaste Marriage Scheme 2023: Registration Form, Benefits and Eligibility.

In many of our nation’s states, issues like casteism and higher casteism continue to exist. The Central and State Governments are making several attempts to promote equality, togetherness, and fraternity among all of the inhabitants. To address issues like casteism, the Uttarakhand government launched the Uttarakhand Intercaste Marriage Scheme. The state government supports inter-caste marriage by giving the new couple financial aid through this program. so that the newlyweds can use the financial aid money for expenses they would incur after their marriage. he is free to live his life without difficulty. Intercaste marriage would be promoted throughout the state through this plan.

Through this essay, we will give you all the details about the Uttrakhand Inter Caste Marriage Yojana today. You must attentively study this post through to the finish if you want to learn additional details about this plan.

Uttarakhand Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2023

The Uttarakhand government has begun a program for intercaste marriage. This program offers financial support to general caste individuals who marry Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe individuals. The state government offers a Rs 2.5 lakh incentive to the newlywed couple as part of the Uttarakhand Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme. In order to encourage inter-caste marriages among other state residents, casteism must be eradicated. The government’s incentive payment is made by DVD and is transferred straight to the beneficiary’s bank account. In order for the new couple to purchase a new home, furnishings, or any other household item utilizing this help amount.

More than 500 recentlywed couples in Uttarakhand have already received incentive money. The Social Welfare Department of the Government of Uttarakhand oversees the operation of the intercaste marriage program in that state. Candidates can apply offline to take advantage of the benefits of this program.

Benefits and features of Uttarakhand Intercaste Marriage Scheme

  • Inter-caste weddings are intended to be encouraged in the state of Uttarakhand through the Uttarakhand Inter Caste Marriage Scheme.
  • The state’s citizens will receive benefits under this plan.
  • The state government would provide Rs 2.5 lakh in cash help to the young people and females who marry beyond their caste.
  • The state government will use DBT to transfer the incentive amount to the couple’s joint account.
  • People who have just gotten married will be able to meet their needs by using this incentive amount.
  • The government encourages and protects such couples who choose to marry outside of their caste.
  • The Uttarakhand Inter Caste Marriage Scheme will lessen caste and religious discrimination.
  • The applicant’s marriage is a requirement to profit from this program should be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1995.
  • The government would offer reservation in government positions and job preference to young people who marry outside their caste.
  • The candidate will only be eligible to receive the government of Uttarakhand’s incentive money after their first marriage.
  • Under this program, the state government aims to wed more than 500 newlywed couples.
  • Caste prejudice in the state will be reduced thanks to this plan.
  • This program will grant the right to equality to members of the socially underprivileged classes.
  • In addition, the young people will receive assistance in finding the marriage of their choice, which will encourage other young people in the state to benefit from the program.
  • Candidates can apply offline to avail the benefits of Uttarakhand Intercaste Marriage Scheme.

Eligibility for Uttarakhand Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

  • The candidate needs to be an Uttarakhand native.
  • A Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe must be represented by one of the couple’s members, either the boy or the girl.
  • The girl should be at least 18 years old, and the young person should be at least 21.
  • Both the boy and the girl must be in their first marriages in order to qualify for the benefits of this program.
  • One must apply for this program within a year of being married.
  • The applicant’s bank account must be connected to their Aadhaar card.

Required Documents for Uttarakhand Intercaste Marriage Scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • caste certificate
  • I Certificate
  • Address proof
  • educational qualification certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • couple’s joint bank account
  • Joint passport size photographs of the couple
  • mobile number

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