Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023: Registration.

Through the Sabbatical Leave Scheme, Sikkim has made a step toward providing its government workers with a break while maintaining the security of their positions. Employees are now able to take time off without being concerned about losing their jobs thanks to this effort. Let’s examine the Scheme, its advantages, its requirements for eligibility, and the application process.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Objective

The plan’s simple goal is to allow government workers to take time off without worrying about losing their jobs. The program was unveiled on August 14, 2023, demonstrating the government’s dedication to this strategy. Employees have the option of taking a vacation of up to 1080 days, providing time for personal development. Throughout this time, their jobs will remain secure. Employees receive 50% of their regular pay during their vacation time. The purpose is to give employees the freedom to pursue educational and entrepreneurial endeavors that their normal jobs might not allow.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Benefits

  • Job Security: With this plan, the worry of losing your job after a long sabbatical is allayed, providing you with comfort.
  • Financial Support: During this time, the government stands by its employees by giving them 50% of their usual pay.
  • Extended Breaks: As opposed to the typical one-year cap, this program permits extended leaves of up to three years, allowing for in-depth personal investigation.
  • Gateway to New Possibilities: This sabbatical could open up new job opportunities, advancing one’s career.
  • Harmonious Life: The Sabbatical Leave Scheme makes it easier to balance work and personal obligations.
  • Entrepreneurship: This program encourages employees to launch their own enterprises while still working for the government, while also providing opportunities for personal growth.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Required Documents

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Identity Proof
  • Employee ID
  • Loan Documents
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of Sikkim state
  • Regular employees of the State Government
  • Central Government employees aren’t eligible
  • Minimum of five years of service

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme Registration

  • The candidate must first go to the office overseeing the program.
  • The application for the “Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Yojana” must then be obtained there.
  • You must now finish filling out this form by providing the required data.
  • The form must then be filled out with the necessary documentation.
  • You must return this form to the location where you originally picked it up once everything has been filled out.
  • If you adhere to this process, your application for the Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Yojana will be approved.

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